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QKOKOMIX is a company focused on recycling polystyrene waste
We collect your expanded polystyrene waste, QKokomix collects for the moment, in a daily basis expanded polystyrene waste from our clients in Nicosia, Limassol & Larnaca

What is expanded polystyrene?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is commonly known as porexpan or white cork. It is technically known by its abbreviation of EPS and it is one of the largest waste materials produced at fishing and construction factories and companies working with moulds throughout the world. The functions of this material include: thermal and acoustic insulation, both for foods and for other materials and products, so that its application fits well with packaging and boxing.


EPS composition

Expanded polystyrene is a petroleum derivative characterised by being a rigid and closed cell plastic material. It is produced with bead shaped compounds that include an expansion agent, pentane. These beads are allowed to sit until they are inserted into different moulding machines and have thermal energy applied to them so that their volume increases. Thus, the production process leads to the EPS taking the shape of the mould imposed by the machine.

EPS applications

One of the most important applications of EPS is in the food industry, including the fishing sector, with which Traxpo works extensively. It can be included in these industrial processes due to one of this material’s most important characteristics: hygiene. EPS is not produced from a substrate that could provide nutrition for microorganisms and therefore does not rot or become mouldy. Moreover, it is an excellent thermal insulation, leading to the widespread use of EPS in the construction field.

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